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  1. nice to hear interviews where the host allows you to speak and asks good questions to allow you to expand ideas.

  2. I’ve never heard that radio show before, but it seemed to be a conservative one. It’s outstanding that Warren is going on conservative shows and actually getting them to listen to him. This interviewer didn’t seem hostile to the ideas really at all. Now that’s progress.

  3. Good interview. The host never interrupted you like that other guy 🙂
    Oh, the ads on that show is longer that the actual show.
    Mosler comes on in the last 16 minutes of it.

    1. @Senexx,
      That’s like saying you get tired of telling your wife and kids you love them. Warren seems to enjoy the challenge. (Not that wives and kids are a challenge. ;-0)

  4. I miss William F. Buckley, Jr. Maybe Jarkesy could host a show with Warren and someone like Krugman, and let them explain their ideas and challenge each other’s ideas. Like Firing Line, not like Crossfire (which is what they’re all like now, screaming and interrupting each other.)

  5. Hey Everyone,

    First of all, Thanks for listening to my show! Second, sorry about all the ads, that was a technical mistake on our end that day, the shows aren’t normally like that, the guests come on about 1/2 way through – we do news and market wrap ups before that. Third, O’Connell – I’m going to try and make this show a reality – thanks for the feedback everyone!

    The George Jarkesy Show is nationally syndicated and airs from 4-5 PM EST, Monday through Friday. You can hear it live at (just click the Listen Live button)

    Thanks Again!

    George Jarkesy

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