The National Commission on Fiscal Sustainability is holding town hall meetings June 26, with an eye towards ‘fixing’ Social Security.

Here’s a suggested question for anyone attending:

‘I agree with statements by both Bernanke and Greenspan as well as David Walker from the Peterson Foundation that as a matter of monetary operations there is no solvency issue- the US always has the ability to make all dollar payments on a timely basis, regardless of revenues or deficits. And therefore there is no solvency issue regarding meeting all social security payments and medicare payments. Do you not agree with our Fed Chairman and the Chairman of the Peterson Foundation?”

David Walker’s recording is here.

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  1. I’m registered with the Peterson Foundation, Concord Coalition etc. and get their emails. They sent one out this week wrt these town hall meetings that are going on today facilitated by AmericaSpeaks.

    Here is the link to their on-line participation page…supposedly you are going to be able to comment, etc..They have a blog that seems to allow comments…Im going to have a go here and see what happens.


    1. Mike,
      Im trying to tee up some softballs for you over there and they are not putting my entries up! WHITEWASH!

      1. I am posting numerous repspectful comments over there and they are not being posted by the moderators!

      2. This is an example of what Herr Goebbels would have done if the internet existed in the 1930s! This is all propoganda, contrived, scripted.

      3. What did you expect, really?

        There’s the orthodox view and the heterodox view, and “heterodox” is synonymous with “heretical.”

      4. A better question is why would a President outsource a presidential commission.

        Especially a “liberal” Democratic senator that progressives worked hard to get elected.

        I said it during the primaries and I’ll say it again, Obama is a snake in the grass. Never trust a Chicago pol. The first thing he did was install his henchman Rahm Emmanuel, and at that point it was obvious that the die was cast. Progressive worked hard to defeat HRC in order to prevent Clinton II, and what they got was a mix of Reagan and Clinton. Now that the euphoria has worn off, the reality has set in.

        BTW, don’t miss Michael Hudson’s latest if you want to know what an administration rented by the financial sector is up to. Not pretty.

      5. I gave up at about 1:30 PM. I posted numerous comments at their on-line participation site, while a few got thru, most did not and they never got posted. My posts were respectful and on topic for the discussion or in response to another commenters questions, unlike some other posters who seemed to always get thru, mine did not. Either this is a very unobjective/propoganda operaton or they have the worst ISP on the planet. I think Mike Norman was in there at the beginning as “Mike” and they put him on ignore after 2 comments/inquiries about solvency. If it was our Mike, I lasted a few comments more than he did. Let’s see what the spin out of this event is….Resp,

  2. William Poole just did an interview with Puplava, he is being very vocal about our deficits and future purchasing power. He says the fed needs to get out of the housing market and agency debt market. I think tom hickey and mosler and others here should do a weekly podcast on the MMT side – many people could download the audio and listen. Where can I go to hear debate on MMT? While driving in the car I can’t read a website, but I could listen to a podcast or audio mp3. Warren, you need to have audio debates that people can download and listen to like Puplava does.

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