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The total is now up to $354 billion including $100 billion in overnight funds added by the ECB.

Haven’t seen overnight funds by the Bank of England or Swiss National Bank.

Haven’t seen any Bank of Japan numbers.

ECB Leads Push to Flood Banks With Unlimited Dollars (update1)

Oct. 15 (Bloomberg) — The European Central Bank, Bank of England and Swiss National Bank loaned financial institutions a combined $254 billion in their first tenders of unlimited dollar funds, stepping up efforts to ease strains in markets.

The Frankfurt-based ECB lent banks $170.9 billion for seven days at a fixed rate of 2.277 percent. The Bank of England allotted $76.3 billion and the Swiss central bank $7.1 billion at the same rate, also for a week.


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  1. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087&refer=home&sid=aDVgqxiT9RSg

    Taleb and his “white swan” was up 110% this year, how about you Warren – how much are you up? One question I have for Taleb, if he has 200 billion clownbucks, and I have 1 clownbuck, and we both are in the shopping mall where a sandwich cost 500 trillion clownbucks – what’s the difference if he made 110% more clownbucks? I visited this farmer in panama and told him I would pay him 100K US dollars for his daughters hand in marriage, he said no amount of US dollars would be enough, but if I could get him 10 healthy donkeys then we had a deal – huh? I am not used to thinking in terms of REAL ECONOMY when everything has always been priced in clownbucks.

  2. After some searching,

    Link to ECB site on progress of liquidity operations here:


    (Click on “Full Details” in gray for most info., It looks like the ECB was participating in TAF this summer I didnt necessarily know that)

    Also, in this document:


    they seem to address some risk control by taking more collateral if the term is longer…


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