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Looks like it was a likely substantial contributor to the last run up and the subsequent quick sell off. ‘Demand destruction’ isn’t yet anywhere near enough to dislodge the Saudis from setting price as swing producer:

REFILE-SemGroup a small factor in oil price drop -experts

by Matthew Robinson and Robert Campbell

(Reuters) SemGroup’s collapse from the 12th biggest U.S. private firm into bankruptcy was only a small factor in the $23 per barrel drop from oil’s record high over the past two weeks, energy experts said on Thursday.

The Tulsa-based company declared bankruptcy this week after racking up $2.4 billion in losses shorting crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange, including a $290 million loss owed to SemGroup by a trading firm affiliated with former Chief Executive and co-founder Thomas Kivisto.


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