(an interoffice email)

>   On Wed, Apr 9, 2008 at 4:05 PM, Pat wrote:
>   What about the continued allocation increases from non-end
>   users of commodities? From what I’ve read allocations by
>   pensions have gone higher even with the rising prices as well
>   as a whole host of new entrants (ETFs, HF’s, etc…) Are these
>   compounding the problem or are they the root of the
>   commodity price inflation?

passive commodities are part of the landscape for sure:

  1. put upward pressure on competitive commodity spot prices
  2. put downward pressure on the $
  3. add to gdp
  4. in general, help ‘monetize’ saudi crude price hikes
  5. put upward pressure on crude futures
  6. serves no public purpose

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