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(an email exchange PLUS pdf of Kohn letter)

consider it public information,
as you can see, he’s one of the few who understand monetary operations


>   On Mon, Aug 25, 2008 at 7:58 PM, Steve wrote:
>   Hi Warren,
>   Hope all is well with you.
>   A year or two ago, William Hummel was kind enough to give me a copy of the
>   response you received from Donald Kohn regarding Fed/Treasury money
>   mechanics, confirming what you had laid out in S.C.E.; copy of letter is
>   attached.
>   I might want to use that sometime in the future, if the occasion arises, to help
>   bolster an argument or two — but wanted to ask you permission beforehand.
>   If you’d like to keep it private, I’ll just paraphrase it as necessary.
>   Thanks, and take care,
>   Steve
>   ps- If you still have a copy of your letter to Greenspan, I wouldn’t mind seeing
>   how you worded your questions to him.

Letter from Kohn to Warren, 1994


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