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Fears of OPEC-style gas cartel unfounded: Putin

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Tuesday any fears that some countries could form an OPEC-style gas cartel were unfounded.


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  1. There’s an interesting twist here. Most of you will recall the fact that the Russian navy was within Ukrainian ports upon dissolution of USSR and formation of CIS. Warren entered one word: “right” prior to Putin’s declaration. In this issue, “cartel”, I agree with the former Chief of Russia’s KGB. There will not be a cartel. Putin sits in the driver’s seat but there’s a burr in the saddle: Ukraine. Here’s the twist in major part. Russian pipelines supply Eurasia and more. Some of them pass beneath my dwelling. With carefulness of thought – Russia’s cash flow moves beneath Ukrainian territory. The very valves which may be closed are within Ukrainian control. Take a recent backward glance in juxtaposition with 2017. Putin sent troops into Georgia. They murdered Georgians. They sat. The Russian navy is anchored or secured in Ukraine’s Sevastopol located in the Crimea. Ukrainian President Yuschenko reminded his legislature that the Russian navy is to move out of Sevastopol in 2017. The military in Georgia stayed put. All of the Crimea is pro-Russia. Reports of Putin’s troops encamped in Russia but adjacent to Ukraine’s pro-Russia key City of Kharkov surfaced. NATO opposition by pro-Russian Ukrainians in Kiev waxed strong. Russia’s natural gas continued to move by the trillions of cubic meters at a new price. Troops moved out of Georgia and disappeared from the Kharkov borders and the first of Russia’s warships moved out of Sevastopol for a cruise out in the Black Sea amongst the U.S. Navy’s missile capacity ships. Putin is Russia’s natural gas Czar. Thanks Warren for insight into a significant subject. I add a note of impact on Ukraine’s GNP. Several decades ago Russia purchased control of
    the massive aluminum mining and product consortium in my industrial city of Zaporozhye. Last week Russia shut down the production of 20% of Ukraine’s GNP and concurrently the government forbade bank lending.
    Any rooms to let in your town Warren?

  2. Errata: Void “trillions” in “Russia’s natural gas continued to move by the trillions of cubic meters at a new price.” insert “millions”.

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