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More on Obamanomincs:

It was announced Professor James Galbraith was on the new list of economic advisers.


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  1. Yeah, but he also named Robert Rubin to the advisory team as well. Galbraith was a great choice, but Rubin sucks.

  2. How many economists are there who “know” these things? Before I found your blog by my own searching (prompted by Ron Paul no less), I had never heard of any of this. Just searching on Google Scholar is seems like Galbraith has written a couple of books, why is this view not challenging the mainstream economists more?

  3. My guess is maybe only about 100, including recent phd’s from the UMKC.

    And, of course, the readers of this blog.

    He challenges the mainstream on other issues, as he’s never considered ‘monetary economics’ and reserve accounting his strength, though from personal experience I know he’s better than most.

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