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The tea party organizers have invited me to meet with them in Dallas to discuss tea party support of my candidacy for US senate in the democratic primary in Connecticut where Chris Dodd has announced he won’t be running.

Also to be discussed is tea party support for my economic agenda which expresses their core economic values of lower taxes, promotion of competitive market forces for further public purpose, full employment, and limiting and focusing government in support of further public purpose.


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  1. Warren, how do you plan to square your theories on deficits with the tea party faithful? It seems to me that could be an issue. They, like most people, view the US government like it is a small business or a household rather than a money creator.

  2. we shall see.

    so far they seem more than ok with lower taxes and my reasons that’s not an issue, as in the 7 deadly innocent frauds.

    it’s higher govt spending they don’t like.

  3. If you run in CT, I will definitely head down there to do whatever I can to get the word out. Just let me know.

  4. it’s higher govt spending they don’t like.

    Well I’d vote for you on your platform as-is. But if you need to deal with tea party opposition to higher government spending, I’d just note that Richard Nixon learned, while prepping for his 1968 presidential run, the only two issues Republican moderates and conservatives agreed on were abolishing the draft and (more relevant to your situation) a negative income tax. Conservative intellectuals Milton Friedman and, more recently, Charles Murray have written in support of a NIT.

    Its a good policy to look at because it allows for the politically necessary redistribution of wealth (how did Disraeli put it, the castle is not safe if the cottage is unhappy) while still reducing the size of government. Between tax expenditures, food stamps, the entire Department of Housing and Urban Development and a myriad of other government programs, a lot of government overhead and inefficiencies could be eliminated and the money just redistributed via a NIT.


  5. Wow – this is a real deal with the devil here. There is a significant amount of racism and nationalism within the Tea Party people. They really hate the government. “Hate” is not an exaggeration.

    I know this because my parents are Tea Party people.

    I am not sure what to think about this.

    1. Mr. E,

      That’s probably true, but step back and ask why they’re so angry and what steps (that don’t involve scapegoating ethnic minorities) could be taken to alleviate their anger.

      I think Warren’ on the side of the angels with his platform. Lower taxes and a growing economy by reforming monetary policy, replacing welfare with a guaranteed job, providing catastrophic health care coverage… these are solid policies (I’d drop the 35 mph speed limit propoal myself, even going to 55 mph would be a burden for those living in rural areas)

      Either Warren’s going to win people over or he’s not. But even if he doesn’t, other politicians recognize winning issues when they see them and if Warren is out campaigning on them, they’re more likely to steal them for their own campaigns. Either way, really, Warren wins.

  6. Warren, why not ally with the Republicans over the democrats. The perception that wall street was bailed out and main street was ignored is a powerful political message. Also, Warren, your mantra about how the Gap between rich and poor/middle class has never increase more than under Obama is great stuff. I think simplifying the message to Taxes do not fund government so therefore we need to lower them dramatically is perfect for you.

  7. Couple of things.

    The causation is the tea party wants to support me based on exactly what i’ve been posting on this site and elsewhere.

    As a Democrat running against the current admin positions and my challenger’s as well seems to me my odds of getting a lot of national media attention are high.

    My proposal for per capita distributions to the states rather than ‘shovel ready projects’ is considered a move towards less govt.

    So it the payroll tax holiday rather than attempts at ‘useful’ govt. spending.

    My health care proposal will mean less govt and more personal freedom as well.

    And the $8 job serves the private sector by making easier for them to hire expand during the recovery, and doesn’t add to the public sector, as the unemployed are already in the public sector. So it helps shrink the public sector.

  8. Hi Warren,

    I live in Cheshire CT. Anything you need let me know. When the time comes I can try to get stuff in the local paper. Keep us posted.

  9. Well said Beowulf. I really can’t stand when people try and brand the Tea Party as racists, etc. Every grassroots or general political movement has its loonies. It would be like branding anti-war protesters as communists or anti-Semites. As Warren said, the Tea Party movement is mostly about government spending, power, and size. I worry about balanced budget stuff for him but wish him the best of luck.

  10. thanks, all!

    I’m not making any pacts with anyone. It’s up to them whether they want to support me as i am. i’m doing this as a matter of conscience, not because it is my dream job.

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