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  1. yes nice work, would be interesting to know if any notable persons of significant political power attended, and their thoughts. \

    and yes video pr podcast please

  2. The Enda Game.

    “Ireland will be the first country in the eurozone to give a democratic verdict on the German-backed rules for the single currency after Dublin announced it would hold a referendum on the treaty.”

    There is a significant chance that one of the minority anti-EU parties can start using arguments based on MMT/Functional Finance to argue against approving additional and persistent austerity measures contained in the “fiscal compact” and surrendering another piece of Irish sovereignty. This referendum may also offer means to reject the “pain for no gain” policy already implemented in Ireland.

    There may be a tremendous opportunity to inject Functional Finance to mainstream debate in English-speaking media.

    1. @Adam (ak),

      “With Greek bondholders agreeing to take heavy losses as part of its latest bailout, speculation has been mounting over whether Portugal or Ireland could also restructure their debts.”
      Just what Warren said.

      What ever happened to Greek referendum?

      1. @WARREN MOSLER,

        still, I think this means that they (politicians, bankers) must have agreed that Greece will be the exception. So they will probably try to enforce the agreement.

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