Credit and Credibility

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  1. Thanks for link, Warren.

    In fact the main debate on this post has been picked up at a somewhat better read site and is generating discussion esp re: inflation you may or may not want to engage in. You may be interested that one of the respondents (‘Duncan’) has been till last week the Economics Advisor to Harriet Harman, the Acting Leader of the British Labour party pending a leadership election to choose Gordon Brown’s successor. There are others looking in on the debate who are much bigger im the British ‘blogosphere’ than me e.g. Sunny Hundal from and Shamit Das from (at least I think it’s that Shamit).

    Both of these are sceptics of MMT (as I remain around some of the bits I understand) but you may feel it’s worth your while engaging for an ‘international’ audience if you feel it’s worth your while. Of course, you are more than welcome to respond to some of this ‘over the pond’ stuff with a guest post at my blog. It’s ‘socialist’ in the UK sense, and I know there may be a problem with that given the US mainstream horror of that word, but I’ll leave it with you as an option.

    Good luck with the campaign. It’d be great to see a genuinely different political economic voice in the Senate, even if I don’t fully (yet?) buy all your argumentation.

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