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MMT: A family tree

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  1. I guess in terms of academic lineage, the graphic sort of works. But if they are to include you, then you should be at the top of the hierarchy of the MMTers, or deserve your own branch all together :).

      1. @Neil Wilson,

        I once heard someone say “Two US teams play each other in baseball and declare the winner to be “World Champion”.

        It’s quite a revelation, sometimes, to see how the rest of the world views us. They see aspects of America that we cannot see from the inside.

    1. @Kostas Kalevras,

      Yes, Bill Mitchell keeps getting left out! I think this is the “other side of the world” phenomenon. Since a lot of this MMT intellectual activity takes place in the blogosphere, and there is a daily blog cycle, Mitchell gets unjustifiably ignored by Americans because his post and comment cycles are out of phase with the American cycle.

      Meanwhile, the guy has been churning out about 4000 words of MMT gold on almost a daily basis for years. I would recommend to anyone attempting to learn about MMT for the first time to just open up any one of Mitchell’s posts, read it, and start following the internal links.

      Recently, when Mitchell’s name has come up, there has been a lot of misrepresentation of Mitchell’s views.

      1. @Dan Kervick,

        En effet, “contestataires” est à la fois précis et romantique, et pour ce, inutilisable dans le monde anglophone — “Modern Monetary Theory” est moins oppositionnel en ton, et alors , plus engageant pour la majorité des gens.

        Course there are tons of folk missing in Lavoie’s table, but it was intended as a study tool for a particular class.

  2. Warren is like the Tesla of MMT – the native genius coming from the engineering and operational side. Wray is the Hertz of MMT.

    1. @Save America,

      Jesse concedes our money doesn’t have to require a debt based component, but

      “who controls the issuance and growth of the money supply and how do they do it? What restrains them from exceeding the restraints?”

      Jesse asks, and warren has answered, the people, through congress, control the private fed who answer to congress, and therefore the money is controlled by US. But I think warren wears too many rosy colored glasses, the people do not control congress, and congress does not control the fed, the chain has so many breaks in it that warren’s answer is the best economic joke of the decade. Fix government, and thereby fix congress, and maybe we can get closer to that ideal ivory tower model that warren talks about.

      Warren’s ultimate answer that I will go to prison or face the business end of his big GUN if I don’t pay taxes seems to barbaric, cant we do better for a modern world? Tim Geithner cheats on his taxes and gets away with it and doesn’t entertain me in the least, even his congressional showings aren’t funny anymore, Wesley Snipes is rotting in jail as we speak and I liked a lot of his movies and he made me laugh a lot.

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