Oil – Rise in costs puts pressure on returns RISE IN COSTS PUTS PRESSURE ON RETURNS By Javier Blas in Abu Dhabi
Published: December 4 2007 01:08

Exploration companies need oil prices of $70 a barrel to match the returns they made at $30 a barrel just two years ago because of the sharp increase in costs and higher government licence fees, according to analysis by a leading consultancy. The research, from Wood Mackenzie, the Edinburgh-based oil consultants, helps explain why non-Opec oil production is failing to accelerate its annual growth significantly in spite of record prices. Oil prices have been above $70 a barrel only since September.

This article can be found at: http://www.ft.com/cms/s/11ca6bb6-a1cd-11dc-a13b-0000779fd2ac,dwp_uuid=81

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