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The JG is job guarantee, and it’s identical to ELR which is simply offering a national service job to anyone willing and able to work.

Bill is based in Australia, and his book can be ordered from this website.

He is one of the few who is ‘in paradigm’.

Excerpts from Bill’s email to me:

>   I have been in South Africa and now in Europe. Today I gave workshops to
>   senior policy managers at the ILO in Geneva on employment guarantees. I have
>   some further meetings tomorrow with managers of ILO programs in Nepal and
>   Mozambique and they are keen to map out an agenda to introduce JGs in those
>   countries.

Well done!

>   I will provide a full report about all the workshops and meetings I have had in
>   the last 3 weeks when I get back home on Tuesday.
>   Hope all is getting back to normal. The financial markets certainly are going
>   crazy. No-one has really said that the US government cannot afford to pump 82
>   billion here and some more there etc into defending financial capital. That issue
>   - of financial solvency and capacity of the Govt hasn’t come up. interesting.

There have those giving warnings about solvency, and that the US will get downgraded if it goes too far.

And there are those that say ‘pumping in all that money’ is inflationary.
All the best!,


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