Food, crude, metals up, dollar down, inflation up all over the world, well beyond CB ‘comfort levels.’

Nov new home sales continue weak, though there are probably fewer ‘desirable’ new homes priced to sell, and with starts are down the new supply will continue to be low for a while.

The December Chicago pmi was a bit higher than expected, probably due to export industries. Price index still high though off a touch from Nov highs.

So again it’s high inflation and soft gdp.

Markets continue to think the Fed doesn’t care about any level of inflation and subsequently discount larger rate cuts.

Mainstream theory says if inflation is rising demand is too high, no matter what level of gdp that happens to corresponds with. And by accommodating the headline cpi increases with low real interest rates, the theory says the Fed is losing it’s fight (and maybe its desire) to keep a relative value story from turning into an inflation story. This is also hurting long term output and employment, as low inflation is a necessary condition for optimal growth and employment long term.

A January fed funds cut with food and energy still rising and the $ still low will likely bring out a torrent of mainstream objections.

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