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Note the ‘demand destruction’ refers to the slowing of the growth of demand, not a contraction.

Oil Demand Forecast


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  1. “Emanuel said Obama aims to push another stimulus package in January — this one containing a tax cut for the middle class and job-creating construction projects.”

    Warren when all you have is a hammer – the world’s problems are a bunch of nails right? What is it with luddites like you and Rhammy? Let asia have the cars and buildings – why can’t our government focus on biotech and nanotech? I don’t want americans given subsidized jobs to pave roads and build cars to drive on them and then have thier kids think in those skills too, BAD IDEA for the future. Much better to use this crisis to go to the next higher level of society and really flesh out maslow’s hiearachy – George Jetson like flying Moller super cars (moller – not mosler – oh the grand things you COULD HAVE DONE warren) – with such cars you don’t even need roads and bridges. Roads and bridges and canals are so last century – where are the economists with VISION of the FUTURE?

    He is likely also to move quickly to reverse certain executive orders by President George W. Bush’s outgoing administration. These include orders on stem cell research and oil and gas drilling in some areas, Podesta told Fox News Sunday.

    At least Obama is not going to let religous ideas stop him from using dead babies from fixing my dad’s parkinsons problems – I think that is a very good thing – I want to see Michael J. Fox make a couple more “back to the future” sequels.

    “They want to have oil and gas drilling in some of the most sensitive, fragile lands in Utah that they’re going to try to do right as they (are) walking out the door.”

    Well Cutcheon – I bet those militant LDS guys don’t want OIL boys poking holes in the ground in utah – might find their underground bunkers full of food and fuel eh? LOL!

    Mel Martinez says healthcare is not ready to be tackled, if not now – when?


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