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World demand still projected to increase.

Crude Oil Rises From 13-Month Low on European Bank Rescue Plan

by Gavin Evans

The International Energy Agency, an adviser to 28 nations, on Oct. 10 cut its forecast for global oil demand for 2008 to 0.5 percent, the lowest since 1993. Demand next year will rise by 700,000 barrels a day to 87.2 million, 440,000 barrels fewer than the Paris-based agency projected a month earlier.


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  1. yes, driving slower reduces gasoline consumption.

    it also reduces driving since it takes longer to go anywhere

  2. You must have not read the link, they use data from fueleconomy.gov and it clearly shows in the chart 55mph is the maximum efficiency, slowing down to 30mph would actually waste gas. I know you are up in that ivory tower with your well researched peer reviewed journals, so please provide several articles refuting the governments data at fueleconomy.gov – thanks Warren.

  3. And the chart below it shows about the same mpg at about 30.

    speed increases drag based on the square of the velocity.

    it takes 4 times as much energy to go twice as fast.

    if there’s something in car transmissions that causes inefficiencies at lower speeds it would take very little to dial it out.

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