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China Should Weigh Fiscal Boost if Euro Crisis Deepens

Feb 8 (Bloomberg) — China should consider fiscal stimulus if Europe’s sovereign-debt crisis sparks a recession there that affects the U.S., Asian Development Bank Managing Director-General Rajat Nag said.

“The European crisis is a major cloud on the horizon,” Nag said in an interview at the ADB’s Tokyo office today. “Countries, particularly China, have to consider the possibility of coming in with necessary fiscal stimulus if the euro zone crisis becomes more serious and if the effects of that spillover into the U.S.”

The International Monetary Fund said two days ago that a worsening of Europe’s debt turmoil could almost halve China’s growth rate, which the lender projects at 8.2 percent in 2012. Fitch Ratings said yesterday that a “hard landing” for the nation was a key risk for the global economy.

“Our assessment is that the situation will probably not be a hard landing,” Nag said. “If the euro zone crisis resolves itself in an orderly fashion, China could still grow at over 8 percent in this calendar year.

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  1. Why only China?

    What ARE the tolerance limits for mobilizing national resources? Certainly the fiat currency supply is only a lagging control signal, never a causal one?

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