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Good report, thanks, and another example of blood flowing around the clot.


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  1. Warren, This seems like a meaningful positive from a liquidity standpoint. There has been some meaningful debt capital raises (albeit at eleveated levels) by large financial institutions recently. If fiscal stimulus can sustain output where recession is avoided might we have set a bottom in prices for the financials?

  2. yes, it’s possible

    the mood has to switch to valuing future earnings and the new business models in general.

    with the international scene weakening as the olympics fade, profit potential isn’t all that clear.

    and many institutions carry the risks of buried losses will keep them from making it to a profitable future.

    and the systemic eurozone risk looms as well

  3. Well I am new to this blog for commenting,the Treasury noted that it is committed to investing in agency MBS with the size and timing subject to the discretion of the Treasury Secretary.The scale of the program will be based on developments in the capital markets and housing markets.


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