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On Tue, Aug 12, 2008 at 5:18 PM, Andrew wrote:

AGY MBS UPDATE: 08/12/08

General Themes:

  • Mortgages were weaker to dealer hedge ratios – versus CXLs they were down only -5cents
  • The small CXL daily price change masks what was a pretty bad performance for mortgages
  • Dealer OAS’s are back to the wides of last week – Lehman has FN5.5 LOAS at +90bps
  • What could help mortgages?
  • Asian buying returning
  • Capital raising by the GSE’s, (or capital injection by Tsy)
  • Reduced capital surplus guidelines from OFHEO
  • Convexity led rally in rates

not to mention investors recognizing value vs tsy’s, atraight agency paper, quality AAA corporates, libor, and other lower yielding paper


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