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Initial Jobless Claims (Oct 4)

Survey 475K
Actual 478K
Prior 497K
Revised 498K

Still around 450,000 adjusted for storms.

Need another week or so to normalize.


Continuing Jobless Claims (Sep 27)

Survey 3608K
Actual 3659K
Prior 3591K
Revised 3603K

Still rising.

No one seems to know how much the extended benefits added.


Jobless Claims ALLX (Oct 4)


Wholesale Inventories MoM (Aug)

Survey 0.4%
Actual 0.8%
Prior 1.4%
Revised 1.5%


Wholesale Inventories YoY (Aug)

Survey n/a
Actual 11.1%
Prior 10.8%
Revised n/a


Wholesale Inventories ALLX 1 (Aug)


Wholesale Inventories ALLX 2 (Aug)


6 Responses

  1. Warren, What is going on in Iceland? Assuming they have a sovereign currency, why are they trying to borrow Euro’s? Is it because they are trying to support their exchange rate to counter the flight from their currency?

  2. Iceland’s finance sector was what – 8x it’s real economy? Small economies and carry trades and free markets just don’t work, hasn’t that been proven time and time again from asia to argentina to iceland? Why is borrowing from japan at 1% to invest in iceland at 10-15% not eternally prosperous for all?

    I don’t understand why the fed can lend 600 billion or so to euro boyz for defunct swaps, hanky can get 700 billion for banks, 150 billion for welfare rednecks in USA to buy more crap from china, and sweet little iceland only needed a few billion but we let putin do something that may let him establish a naval base there?

  3. LOL! I agree. I voted for that dude that invented the internet.
    We got to get warren voted in for president! He can do radio fireside chats with all the dumb rednecks about basic economics and monetary policy being a weak tool at best.

    I just told my air force officer friend that he voted for an idiot, we have been friends since high school for 20 years, he told me never to talk to him again. LOL! You find out people’s real character when 401k’s VANISH, not when the times are good. Rich or destitute starving homeless, I still love all my brothers in humanity. Warren makes me laugh in good times or sad bad times, he is a real champion and leader.

  4. I’d settle for giving Warren half an hour to explain to the probable President Obama, just how everything works.

    Can’t Dr. Galbraith arrange at least that much?

  5. iceland’s banking system has debt in external currencies, best I can tell.

    I’d put them into bankruptcy of some type (i don’t know the law there) and let the govt make good on local currency deposits, convert the foreign debt to local currency, and let those creditors have some kind of senior debt to be paid when and if there are available ‘profits.’

    I wouldn’t take any foreign currency loans from Russia or anyone else.

    And, of course, offer a national service job to anyone willing and able to work.

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