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Import Price Index MoM (Aug)

Survey -1.8%
Actual -3.7%
Prior 1.7%
Revised 0.2%

A welcome drop, thanks to Mike Masters!

Like the goldman drop of Aug 2006.


Import Price Index YoY (Aug)

Survey 20.2%
Actual 16.0%
Prior 21.6%
Revised 20.1%

Lower than expected, though still up big year over year, which most influences core CPI.


Import Price Index ALLX 1 (Aug)

Interesting details this month.


Import Price Index ALLX 2 (Aug)


Trade Balance (Jul)

Survey -$58.0B
Actual -$62.2B
Prior -$56.8B
Revised -$58.8B

Deficit higher than expected, due to July oil prices. This should more than reverse in August and, so far, September as sharply lower oil prices reduce the cost of imports.


Exports MoM (Jul)

Survey n/a
Actual 3.3
Prior 3.7
Revised n/a

Still increasing, though at a slightly lower rate.


Imports MoM (Jul)

Survey n/a
Actual 3.9
Prior 2.1
Revised n/a

This should drop next month with lower oil prices.


Exports YoY (Jul)

Survey n/a
Actual 20.1
Prior 19.9
Revised n/a

Still climbing rapidly. next month’s numbers will indicate effects of any global slowdown.


Imports YoY (Jul)

Survey n/a
Actual 16.8
Prior 13.7
Revised n/a

Still up big, falling oil prices should cut this down.


Trade Balance ALLX (Jul)

Worth reading through these.


Initial Jobless Claims (Sep 6)

Survey 440K
Actual 445K
Prior 444K
Revised 451K

Holding steady at higher levels, and getting closer to recession levels.


Continuing Jobless Claims (Aug 30)

Survey 3460K
Actual 3525K
Prior 3435K
Revised 3403K

This continues to move up and is getting closer to recession levels.

Not clear how much new extended benefit.


Jobless Claims ALLX (Aug 30)

Interesting that claims were only 336,600 before the seasonal adjustment.
With seasonals this large improvement is more likely to show up when they reverse.


Monthly Budget Statement (Aug)

Survey -$108.0B
Actual -$111.9B
Prior -$117.0B

A bit higher than expected, receipts falling some, but nothing serious yet.


Monthly Budget Statement ALLX (Aug)


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