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Initial Jobless Claims (Aug 16)

Survey 440K
Actual 432K
Prior 450K
Revised 445K

Still high, even though lower than expected and last week revised down some. It will take a while before the effect of the new extended benefit program is altering the numbers.


Continuing Jobless Claims (Aug 9)

Survey 3405K
Actual 3362K
Prior 3417K
Revised 3379K

Also lower than expected and last week revised down, But still high and not showing any meaningful signs of a top.


Jobless Claims TABLE 1 (Aug 16)


Jobless Claims TABLE 2 (Aug 16)


Philadelphia Fed (Aug)

Survey -12.6
Actual -12.7
Prior -16.3
Revised n/a

Still negative, but the rate of contraction seems to be declining.


Philadelphia Fed TABLE 1 (Aug)

Prices paid down some, but still way high.

Employment improved to near flat.


Philadelphia Fed TABLE 2 (Aug)

Workweek creeping up some.


Leading Indicators (Jul)

Survey -0.2%
Actual -0.7%
Prior -0.1%
Revised 0.0%

Worse than expected. This is a domestic demand indicator that has been trending down for quite a while.


Leading Indicators ALLX (Jul)

A lot of the specifics seem questionable regarding relevance.


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