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ICSC-UBS Store Sales YoY (Jul 8)

Survey n/a
Actual 2.3%
Prior 2.2%
Revised n/a

Holding up with the rebate checks.


Redbook Sales YoY (Jul 8)

Survey n/a
Actual 2.9%
Prior 2.9%%
Revised n/a

Rebate checks doing their thing.


Pending Home Sales MoM (May)

Survey -3.0%
Actual -4.7%
Prior 6.3%
Revised 7.1%


Pending Home Sales YoY (May)

Survey n/a
Actual -14.6%
Prior -13.0%
Revised n/a

Still looks like they may be moving back up to me.


Wholesale Inventories MoM (May)

Survey 0.6%
Actual 0.8%
Prior 1.3%
Revised 1.4%


Wholesale Inventories YoY (May)

Survey n/a
Actual 8.7%
Prior 8.1%
Revised n/a

Moving up some but not problematic yet.


Consumer Credit (May)

Survey $7.5B
Actual $7.8B
Prior $8.9B
Revised $7.8B


ABC Consumer Confidence (Jul 6)

Survey -43
Actual -41
Prior -43
Revised n/a

Still low but higher than expected and moving up with the rebates.


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