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2008-06-03 Total Vehicle Sales

Total Vehicle Sales (May)

Survey 14.6M
Actual 14.3M
Prior 14.4M
Revised n/a

Very weak, as was transportation in general, but more than made up for by other factory orders, see below.


2008-06-03 Domestic Vehicle Sales

Domestic Vehicle Sales (May)

Survey 10.8M
Actual 10.5M
Prior 10.6M
Revised n/a

As above, very weak.


2008-06-03 Factory Orders YoY

Factory Orders YoY (Apr)

Survey -0.1%
Actual 1.1%
Prior 1.4%
Revised 1.5%


2008-06-04 Factory Orders Ex Transportation

Factory Orders Ex Transportation

Survey n/a
Actual 389154
Prior 378303
Revised n/a

Upside surprise, and non-transportation up very strong.


2008-06-03 Factory Orders MoM

Factory Orders MoM (Apr)

Survey n/a
Actual 3.8%
Prior 4.2%
Revised 1.5%

More upside surprises.
No recession, and this was before the fiscal package kicked in.

With domestic demand not this strong, could be even larger increases in exports as foreigners continue to spend their now unwanted hoard of USD over here.


2008-06-03 ABC Consumer Confidence

ABC Consumer Confidence (Jun 1)

Survey -51
Actual -45
Prior -51
Revised n/a

Even this indicator had an upside surprise.


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