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2008-05-15 Initial Jobless Claims

Initial Jobless Claims (May 10)

Survey 370K
Actual 371K
Prior 365K
Revised n/a

Looks like it’s past the peak.


2008-05-15 Continuing Claims

Continuing Claims (May 3)

Survey 3035K
Actual 3060K
Prior 3020K
Revised 3032K

Looks like it’s not past the peak.


2008-05-15 Empire Manufacturing

Empire Manufacturing (May)

Survey 0.0
Actual -3.2
Prior 0.6
Revised n/a

Still off the bottom, needs another month to see where it’s going.


2008-05-15 Net Long-term TIC Flows

Net Long-term TIC Flows (Mar)

Survey $62.5B
Actual $80.4B
Prior $72.5B
Revised $64.9B


2008-05-15 Total Net TIC Flows

Total Net TIC Flows (Mar)

Survey $67.5B
Actual -$48.2B
Prior $64.1B
Revised $48.9B

In general I expect these types of numbers to follow the trade gap down.


2008-05-15 Industrial Production

Industrial Production (Apr)

Survey -0.3%
Actual -0.7%
Prior 0.3%
Revised 0.2%

Still weak. Been weak for 50 years.


2008-05-15 Capacity Utilization

Capacity Utilization (Apr)

Survey 80.1%
Actual 79.7%
Prior 80.5%
Revised 80.4%

Weak, but not recession levels yet.


2008-05-15 Philadelphia Fed.

Philadelphia Fed. (May)

Survey -19.0
Actual -15.6
Prior -24.9
Revised n/a

2008-05-15 Philadelphia Fed. TABLE

Philadelphia Fed. TABLE

Perking up from low levels,
prices high and moving higher


2008-05-15 NAHB Housing Market Index

NAHB Housing Market Index (May)

Survey 20
Actual 19
Prior 20
Revised n/a

Still off the lows and looking like a bottom to me.


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