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2008-05-08 Initial Jobless Claims

Initial Jobless Claims (May 3)

Survey 370K
Actual 365K
Prior 380K
Revised 383K

Still far from recession levels anticipated several months ago by most forecasters.


2008-05-08 Continuing Claims

Continuing Claims (Apr 26)

Survey 3020K
Actual 3020K
Prior 3019K
Revised 3030K

Far from recession levels but the chart is still looking higher. This often lags initial claims.


2008-05-08 Wholesale Inventories

Wholesale Inventories (Mar)

Survey 0.5%
Actual -0.1%
Prior 1.1%
Revised 0.9%

Another sign that the odds of a recession are lower than anticipated a few months ago.


2008-05-08 ICSC Chain Store Sales YoY

ICSC Chain Store Sales YoY

Survey n/a
Actual 3.6%
Prior -0.5%
Revised n/a

More evidence the worst is over, and recession was never in the cards.


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