2008-03-18 Producer Price Index MoM

Producer Price Index MoM (Feb)

Survey 0.4%
Actual 0.3%
Prior 1.0%
Revised n/a

2008-03-18 PPI Ex Food & Energy MoM

PPI Ex Food & Energy MoM (Feb)

Survey 0.2%
Actual 0.5%
Prior 0.4%
Revised n/a

2008-03-18 Producer Price Index YoY

Producer Price Index YoY (Feb)

Survey 6.8%
Actual 6.4%
Prior 7.4%
Revised n/a

2008-03-18 PPI Ex Food & Energy YoY

PPI Ex Food & Energy YoY (Feb)

Survey 2.1%
Actual 2.4%
Prior 2.3%
Revised n/a

Troubling as the Fed has indicated it’s getting passed through to core CPI measures.

2008-03-18 Housing Starts

Housing Starts (Feb)

Survey 995K
Actual 1065K
Prior 1012K
Revised 1071K

More indications of a possible bottom in housing, meaning it won’t be subtracting as much from GDP for the rest of the year.

Karim Basta:

Housing starts fall 0.6% in Feb, but January revised higher by 5.8%.

One notable trend is single vs multi-family starts. The latter has now risen for 3 straight months, whereas the former continues to decline across most regions. A couple explanations out there-foreclosures, real income weakness driving trend towards apartments/condos vs homes.

Permits fall another 7.8%; suggesting more declines in housing contribution to GDP going forward.

Margin squeeze evident in PPI as headline rises 0.3% and core by 0.5%.

2008-03-18 Building Permits

Building Permits (Feb)

Survey 1020K
Actual 978K
Prior 1048K
Revised 1061K

Looking down, but the prior revision might be more relevant.

2008-03-18 FOMC Rate Decision

FOMC Rate Decision (Mar 18)

Survey 2.25%
Actual 2.25%
Prior 3.00%
Revised n/a

2008-03-18 ABC Consumer Confidence

ABC Consumer Confidence (Mar 16)

Survey n/a
Actual -31
Prior -30
Revised n/a

Yet another chart that may have bottomed?

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