2008-02-15 Empire Manufacturing

Empire Manufacturing (Feb)

Survey 6.5
Actual -11.7
Prior 9.0
Revised n/a

Down, but it has been lower, not yet to previous recession levels.

2008-02-15 Industrial Production

Industrial Production (Jan)

Survey 0.1%
Actual 0.1%
Prior 0.0%
Revised 0.1%

Modestly positive, and not at recession levels.

2008-02-15 Capacity Utilization

Capacity Utilization (Jan)

Survey 81.3%
Actual 81.5%
Prior 81.4%
Revised 81.5%

Holding up reasonably well.

2008-02-15 U. of Michigan Confidence

U. of Michigan Confidence (Feb P)

Survey 76.0
Actual 69.6
Prior 78.4
Revised n/a

The CNBC effect keeping expectations down.

One year inflation expectations jumped to 3.7% putting the Fed on high alert.


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