2008-01-31 Personal Income

Personal Income (Dec)

Survey 0.4%
Actual 0.5%
Prior 0.4%
Revised n/a

2008-01-31 Personal Income TABLE

Personal Income TABLE

A bit better than expected, holding up reasonably well, as declining interest rates reduce interest income component.

2008-01-31 Personal Spending

Personal Spending (Dec)

Survey 0.1%
Actual 0.2%
Prior 1.1%
Revised 1.0%

2008-01-31 Personal Spending TABLE(1)

2008-01-31 Personal Spending TABLE(2)

Personal Spending TABLE

OK number after last month’s large increase.

Also holding up reasonably well, but trending modestly downward.

2008-01-31 PCE Deflator YoY

PCE Deflator YoY (Dec)

Survey 3.5%
Actual 3.5%
Prior 3.6%
Revised n/a

Too high for the Fed, but hopefully it will come down to core.


PCE Core MoM (Dec)

Survey 0.2%
Actual 0.2%
Prior 0.2%
Revised n/a

Actual was 0.23%

2008-01-31 PCE Core YoY

PCE Core YoY (Dec)

Survey 2.2%
Actual 2.2%
Prior 2.2%
Revised n/a

Fed OK with this number and should be OK next month as January 2007 was up 0.2%. After that, the 2007 numbers are 0.1%’s for a while; so, there’s a better chance of YoY increases after that.

2008-01-31 Initial Jobless Claims

Initial Jobless Claims (Jan 26)

Survey 319K
Actual 375K
Prior 301K
Revised 306K

Big jump up as expected by Karim.

4 week average about 325,000 likely return to pre-January trend of about 350,000 (See Karim’s report).

Not yet the stuff of recession.

2008-01-31 Continuing Claims

Continuing Claims (Jan 19)

Survey 2685K
Actual 2716K
Prior 2672K
Revised 2669K

Moved back up some.

Also not yet the stuff of recession.

2008-01-31 Employment Cost Index

Employment Cost Index (4Q)

Survey 0.8%
Actual 0.8%
Prior 0.8%
Revised n/a

2008-01-31 Employment Cost Index YoY

Employment Cost Index YoY

Survey n/a
Actual 3.3%
Prior 3.3%
Revised n/a

As expected, Fed is OK with this, but may be giving it too much weight, as it may be the last inflation indicator to move in this cycle.

2008-01-31 Chicago Purchasing Manager

Chicago Purchasing Manager (Jan)

Survey 52.0
Actual 51.5
Prior 56.6
Revised 56.4

Still above 50, not the stuff of recession yet.

2008-01-31 Help Wanted Index

Help Wanted Index (Dec)

Survey 20
Actual 22
Prior 21
Revised n/a

Very small uptick from a very low level.

2008-01-31 NAPM-Milwaukee

NAPM-Milwaukee (Jan)

Survey n/a
Actual 58.0
Prior 62.0
Revised n/a

No recession here, yet.


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