2008-01-11 Trade Balance

Trade Balance (Nov)

Survey -$59.5B
Actual -$63.1B
Prior -$57.8B
Revised n/a

Exports holding up. Oil price jump and vol in aircraft shipments.

December exports are key for the quarter.

2008-01-11 Import Price Index MoM

Import Price Index MoM (Dec)

Survey 0.1%
Actual 0.0%
Prior 2.7%
Revised 3.3%

Went down continuously for years, now going up.

And with outsourcing, this represents what was previously unit labor costs.

2008-01-11 Import Price Index YoY

Import Prices YoY (Dec)

Survey 10.5%
Actual 10.9%
Prior 11.4%
Revised 12.1%

Now supporting ‘inflation’ as above.

2008-01-11 Monthly Budget Statement

Monthly Budget Statement (Dec)

Survey $50.0B
Actual $48.3B
Prior $42.0B
Revised n/a

Receipts holding up. This is a pretty good coincident indicator of GDP.

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