2007-12-31 Existing Home Sales

Existing Home Sales (Nov)

Survey 4.97M
Actual 5.00M
Prior 4.97M
Revised 4.98K

2007-12-31 Existing Home Sales MoM

Existing Home Sales MoM (Nov)

Survey 0.0%
Actual 0.4%
Prior -1.2%
Revised -1.0%

Could be bottoming. Affordability is up nicely, employment is reasonably strong, income holding up nicely. And on a per capita basis, housing is at forty year lows.

2007-12-31 NAPM-Milwaukee

NAPM-Milwaukee (Dec)

Survey n/a
Actual 62.0
Prior 60.0
Revised n/a

2007-12-31 NAPM-Milwaukee TABLE

NAPM-Milwaukee TABLE

Table looks solid, and prices are still up quite a bit.


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