2007-12-28 Chicago Purchasing Manager

Chicago Purchasing Manager (Dec)

Survey 51.7
Actual 56.6
Prior 52.9
Revised n/a

Graph Looks Ok.

2007-12-28 New Home Sales

New Home Sales (Nov)

Survey 717K
Actual 647K
Prior 728K
Revised 711K

2007-12-28 New Home Sales MoM

New Home Sales MoM (Nov)

Survey -1.6%
Actual -9.0%
Prior 1.7%
Revised 1.7%

Still heading south, but less impact on GDP.

Also, fewer homes are being built.

Existing home sales Monday will mean more.

And during the winter months, seasonally, fewer months are built and sold; so, small absolute changes get magnified.

2007-12-28 Help Wanted Index

Help Wanted Index (Nov)

Survey 23
Actual 21
Prior 23
Revised 22

Working its way lower in line with a still strong, but softening labor market.

Most recent plunge seems to be related to CNBC gloom and doom talk that started in August.


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