2007-12-27 MBAVPCH Index


2007-12-27 MBA Mortgage Application

MBA Mortgage Applications (Dec 21)

Survey n/a
Actual -7.6%
Prior 19.5%
Revised n/a

Goes down this time every year and bounces back early January.

2007-12-27 Durable Goods Orders

Durable Goods Orders (Nov)

Survey 2.0%
Actual 0.1%
Prior -0.4%
Revised -0.4%

2007-12-27 Durables Ex Transporation

Durable Goods Ex Transportation (Nov)

Survey 0.5%
Actual -0.7%
Prior -0.7%
Revised -0.9%

Still drifting lower over time.

Domestic demand has been gradually softening for about a year and a half, as the lower deficit hiked the financial obligation ratios to levels where the rate of consumer credit expansion peaked.

2007-12-27 Initial Jobless Claims

Initial Jobless Claims (Dec 22)

Survey 340K
Actual 349K
Prior 346K
Revised 348K

2007-12-27 Continuing Claims

Continuing Claims (Dec 15)

Survey 2645K
Actual 2713K
Prior 2646K
Revised 2638K

Drifting up very modestly.

2007-12-27 Consumer Confidence

Consumer Confidence (Dec)

Survey 86.5
Actual 88.6
Prior 87.3
Revised 87.8

CNBC gloominess peaked?


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