A slight down-tic but no recession:

Growing nicely. A surprise only to those who believe the rate hikes create unemployment 😉

Unemployment at a 50 year low. The actual number of people unemployed hasn’t been lower since 1974:

Interestingly, after a drop in real wages due to ‘inflation,’ as nominal wage growth subsided, it happened as month-to-month CPI growth flattened, so real wage growth increased. So the strong real GDP/employment growth from the federal deficit spending, of which interest expense from the rate hikes is becoming the largest component, has in fact translated into higher real wage growth. And Q1 is looking solid as well with increasing military spending, an 8.7% social security increase, lower fuel prices acting like tax cuts, and various new federal spending initiatives kicking in, etc: 

This is only though Sep 30, but has continued since: