The Economics of Eurozone Trade Differentials and Fiscal Transfers

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  1. Excellent post, Warren.

    Amancio Ortega is Europe’s richest person. I wonder if Europe’s unemployment rate would fall if he gave one million dollars to every European adult living in poverty.

    I have also wondered the same about Warren Buffett and America’s poor.

    1. @Tyler,
      Not sure what this post has to do with philanthropy. Last I heard, Buffett has given HUGE amounts of money away to charity. Pretty sure Ortega is also very generous.
      The key is to get Ortega to convince the Euro nations to allow a fiscal union.

      1. @chewitup,

        If a fiscal union will get money in the pockets of poor people, then I’m all for it. As I see it, the European and American economies will not truly be recovered until poverty is eliminated.

      2. @Tyler Healey,

        All depends on the terms.

        The Soviet Union once had a fiscal union. The difference between theory & operations is greater in practice than in theory.

  2. Warren Buffet?

    GW Bush gave Hank Paulson a blank $800 billion check from your future tax dollars to bail out a few thousand banker criminals.

    How far would that have gone to help real Americans?

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