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The Financial Exchange with Barry Armstrong

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  1. Armstrong is arrogant. He ought to prepare more. He was just winging it. (MY BIAS: I’m partial to Mosler interviews where he’s asked to explain how things work, like the Sandler interview.)

    1. this was the second segment of a two or three part interview where his producer had him keep me on for this last part, so yes, he was winging it, and in my humble opinion did a very good job!

      In the first segment his primary guest was Larry Kudlow and he had me on as well. Hopefully it gets posted soon.

      1. @WARREN MOSLER, Good to hear. I judged what I heard. It would have been helpful if you had indicated it was a portion of an interview. Sometimes your terseness is too terse. 😉

  2. i had the same problem as monica smith above–very poor sound quality.

    i could barely understand warren. but, from what i could understand, it was great interview! you hit all the major points, warren! you’re getting better and better at this!

  3. i didn’t realize you had to be invited. anyhow, i’m looking at the TED site now and i see that to get on the “invite list,” you have to be “nominated” by the public, so maybe we all should do that and put in a plug for warren to get invited to do a TED talk. 10-20 mins. is not a whole lot of time, but he could get enough said with a well-crafted speech and also plug his book.

    here’s the link:

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