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  1. Happy birthday!! What do you give a man that has everything jimmy buffet ever wanted? I called Kate from carribean.craigslist.org/ers to come visit you for say an hour or so and she is bringing a couple of her friends too – Enjoy!

  2. You tink I am on crack just because I use the names of many tax cheats? I am just trying to tink like socrates and get people to challenge their silly societal beliefs – sad they voted to kick him to da curb than bear his gnat stings.


    I hate crack heads and drug users (cause most of da women I know dat do dat rather have crack than have sex) and don’t understand why warren want to legalize dat and not hookers. You know how many people have jobs globally because of da DRUG WAR?

    tyrone biggums can educate on dat crack:

    In fact I just watched alex james of BLUR that bragged about spending 1 million on cocaine go to colombia and see the human cost of the cocaine trade – boy there are lots of people doing useless busy work making drugs, selling drugs, arresting and killing drug dealers, holy jesus warren would wipe out maybe half the world’s useless busy work if he globally legalize drugs


    Cutcheon if you wanna be like me – all you have to do is watch star trek 2 wrath of khan and the book it based on read moby dick – and you will be so high on life you cannot stand the overwhelming joy! See melville got stranded on an insland once, and there was lots of island woman who gave him sex almost everyday – this was in stark contrast to his “proper” victorian upbringing where you had to mortgage your soul and all your future earning potential in something called a “marriage” to just get some sex one time {if you are lucky} Melville was so mad when he got “rescued” and taken from that island “blue lagoon” happiness he wrote the ultimate novel on revenge – moby dick.

    See I really support Warren – not just from my education and training – but from my base animalistic desires which at the end of the day for most of humanity trump thier big brain (like eliot spitzer proved) – Warren say give work to everyone that want it and pay them a wage – I agree – I want a wage to be a male escort and I want all my female friends who want to work like those women on the island of Lesbos on greece used to work – they need to get paid too – you think I am high on crack – but I really believe these memes deep in the cores of my being. The whole point of life is like what aerosmith dude steve tyler said, lots of sex, drugs, and music without the drugs.

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