Nice spike after the hurricane lull:


In the strongest monthly sales performance in 12 years, unit vehicle sales shot up to a hurricane-fueled 18.6 million annualized rate in September vs a hurricane-depressed 16.1 million rate in August. September’s rate points squarely at replacement demand following Hurricane Harvey’s flooding of Houston just as the weak August rate pointed to the initial negative effects of the hurricane. Today’s results point to a substantial surge for the motor vehicle component of the retail sales report and a major boost for what was a weak overall report in August. Sales of domestic-made vehicles rose to 14.7 from August’s 12.7 million.

President Trump just set a new standard in his search for flattery, this time in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico

He thanked Puerto Rico’s non-voting representative in Congress, Jenniffer Gonzales Colon, for “saying such nice things” about the administration’s response. He repeated his appreciation for Puerto Rico’s governor, Ricardo Rosselló, as someone who “did not play politics.”

The evidence? “He was giving us the highest grades,” the president said.

I got a mention here:

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