I was told a recent poll of 300 showed:

Democrat incumbent: 48%
Warren Mosler Independent MMT candidate: 42%
Total others- Republican, Green, Indenpendt: 10%

And ‘momentum’ moving my way as my % has been continually rising.

Down here you need to get 50%+ to win, anything less triggers a runoff, where I’d be favored.

Looking forward to Tuesday, but starting to feel like I’ve volunteered for Afghanistan…

Many thanks to all the contributors!

And still time to send in a few bucks if you want to be part of the cause- will increase the advertising that much more thanks!


Mosler for Congress

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  1. Should be “Democratic incumbent”, because he’s from the Democratic Party. “Democrat” cannot be used as an adjective. Fox News/George W/lots of Republicans use it that way as a kind of petty slur. I know that you are above that nonsense so please take note.

    And good luck!

    1. @Dave Begotka,

      Apparently the poll had a little bit of selection bias in it.

      Regardless, Warren’s just not cut out for politics. It would be better for him to back a surrogate who has more pizzazz. Karim Basta would be a perfect choice. Some here have called him the Keyser Soze of the USVI.

    2. shameless voter fraud. she was polling in the low 40% and falling fast, and an ‘insider’ got an early read of the machines and reported she got 43% to us, then the official results had her over 60%

      1. @WARREN MOSLER,

        Warren anytime the word “secrete” is used its like believing in magic, secret ballot is a travesty and the only way to have a true election is to have a name attached to each vote.
        Maybe people would research the issues better………..
        In Amerika they have the magic of the TV and electronic voting to brainwash people in the USVI they just use the old proven and true methods of corruption at the ballot…….?
        No way any part of the election is real……except the billion dollars needed to play….
        Warren sorry for the constant negative attitude but my reality is such……..I have no belief or hope in this world or anybody in it
        MMT or whatever needs to be “more fair”

  2. Donna M. Christensen DEMOCRATIC PARTY 11,512 60.05%
    Warren B. Mosler 3,276 17.09%
    Holland L. Redfield, II REPUBLICAN PARTY 2,131 11.12%
    Norma Pickard-Samuel 1,927 10.05%
    Guillaume Mimoun 312 1.63%
    Write In 12 .06%


    1. fraudulent numbers, as just explained.

      I got 37% last time, over 10,000 votes, and had far more support this time, and there was a serious backlash going on against her. and the other candidates combined never polled at more than 10%

      these results are not at all plausible.

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