Thursday meeting with Soraya Diase Coffelt, 7pm at her HQ, the Armrey Cabinets, Jack Bishop’s shop, Richmond, just west of the post office, across the street from WSTX Christiansted

Good meeting last night at the Tamarind Reef conference center! About 35 of you turned out for a high level discussion of
the issues and challenges of moving forward.

Soraya and I will be there Thursday to meet with you all and as many of your friends as you can possibly bring with you!

I can only get the word out though this email list and Facebook, so I’m counting on all of you to each notify as many people as possible, thanks!

In my humble opinion, this is THE team for the ‘better Virgin Islands’ we’d all like to see, and the most important thing to do is simply get the word out!!!

thanks again!