The Fed Is Misleading Congress About Europe – US Business News Blog – CNBC

By Warren Mosler

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  1. Not too long ago I heard about some $29 trillion the fed loaned over three years to bail out various banks and other institutions. How much are these swap lines worth? It seems the fed just figures it needs not worry about small things like disclosure when they know for sure it will all be paid in the end anyway. How can I get a ten million dollar loan at say half percent interest per year for the next two years or so?

    1. you can borrow cheaper than that if you have tsy secs for collateral, which is what the fed demands most of the time.

      and the 29 trillion was largely what should be considered routine liquidity provision, not bail out funds.

  2. And if the European gambit fails, as it will, who is left holding the bag?

    The entire world would be better off if every country had its own currency.

      1. @WARREN MOSLER,
        Common issuance with a labor utilization guarantee sounds like the first step in optimal asset allocation.

        Step 1. Put all assets to work. (Well Duh!)

        Step 2. Continuously review full-asset allocation.

        Step 3. Adequately regulate self-fraud.

        (Assisted suicide is against the law, so why is economic assisted suicide legal? If we really want to help Bill Black’s crusade, just place a person named “Kevorkian” as CEO of each systemically dangerous institution, including the Treasury, Fed & Presidency. Then maybe this electorate would finally recognize that 2×4 they’ve been bumping their head against. Take a cue from WalMart, and just label things per the result you want.)

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