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  1. Don’t mean to quibble, but the sound quality is really poor and that’s important, especially when the visuals are fairly static. Besides, the people to be reached and persuaded are largely aural. They go by what they hear and, for many, a female voice is already a turn-off. Having a tinny echo is disastrous. Surely somewhere in the heartland there is a sound studio where an explanation of money can be recorded. Let the professor’s presentation be the script. Cut it into shorter segments so radio stations can use it and send it ’round to community radio.
    Avoid the word “public.” It is a real turn-off for many people. It’s what sunk the public option.

    1. I think Kelton is great. Nothing wrong with her voice, either.

      The question is, who watches RT? Does it have any respectable reach into the American audience?

      1. @Nihat,
        Great interview . SK does great service for MMT .
        Who waTches RT you say ? Hello ..1bn people online can now access the
        interview ..be grateful .

  2. This ia what I mean when I say the MMT must go back to strict Mosler Economics supervision. Kelton stresses over and over payroll tax cuts for both workers and employers, but, unless I missed something in the interview, she didn’t emphasize that, as you said, “the private sector creating employment is demand driven. Nobody hires if there is no demand, so no point in cutting taxes for his business if there is no demand”. PB

      1. @WARREN MOSLER, In no way am I suggesting that Kelton or others are lesser MMTers. And yes, “under strict Mosler Economics supervision” was a touch improper. Perhaps a higher degree of harmonization in the way some of MMT’s pivotal points are put across would be beneficial. (under soft Mosler Economics supervision?) ;)) PB

  3. wow, what a great presentation. the only problem i have is: why isn’t she doing interviews on mainstream u.s. news programs?

    btw, never heard of or went to rt.com before this, not as familiar with international news venues…is it the main russian news outlet?

  4. Just so much better than Mike Norman! Also, she de-emphasized the spending side and emphasized tax cuts which plays far better with the overwhelming majority of Americans. Good job Stephanie!

    1. @IJR,

      It plays better with those outspoken people usually more interested in economists who usually tend to be republican.

      I assure there is a very large body if Americans, typically democratic and leftist, that are happy up pay taxes and are in fact more interested in the spending side of things.

      Interestingly both sides are so important. One provides better personal, short term life style improvement while the other provides more collective, long term investment.

      Great interview by SK. She’s great. And tons of people watch RT.

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