Seems to me if there was going to be a liquidity problem with the banks the ECB would have already let it happen:

Spanish Banks’ Net ECB Loans Leap to Record 337 Billion Euros

By Emma Ross-Thomas

July 13 (Bloomberg) — Spanish lenders’ net borrowings from the European Central Bank jumped to a record 337 billion euros ($411 billion) in June. Net average ECB borrowings climbed from 288 billion euros in May, the Bank of Spain said. Gross borrowing was 365 billion euros, up from 325 billion euros in May, and accounting for 30 percent of gross borrowing in the whole euro region. Spain saw the biggest outflow of foreign investment in April since the start of the euro, Bank of Spain data show. Non- residents cut their holdings of Spanish bonds to 37.5 percent of the total in May, from 51.5 percent at the end of last year. Spanish banks picked up the slack in the first quarter, before starting to reduce their holdings in April, according to Treasury data.

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  1. Again, this figure is net lending to credit institutions by the BdE and can’t be found on any of the published ECB balances I have been digging through.

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