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I respectfully do not agree with his prescription to ‘protect our economic future.’

“I welcome the President’s acknowledgement of the economic pain felt widely and deeply and look forward to reviewing his plans to help middle class Americans, who are still hurting economically. We must enable Americans to find and keep good jobs with fair pay. And, to protect our economic future, we need vigorous, sustained fiscal discipline that enables deficit cutting.”


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  1. Warren,
    Just to reiterate. If you get in vs Blumenthal, CNBC owes you at least 18 minutes of exclusive airtime to communicate your platform, to be fair. As that is what they provided to Blumenthal earlier this month. Otherwise it should be treated as an ‘in kind’ campaign contribution from NBC/Universal to the Blumenthal campaign, which would probably exceed contribution limits. Resp,

  2. You would do well (though it would take a while) to ask everyone Blumenthal has sued to vote in the Democratic primary.

    Since CT lacks a sore loser law (most states bar losing primary candidates from running again in the general election), you have till August 11, two days after the primary, to come up with a petition signed by 7500 CT voters to get a line on the general election ballot.

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