Transcript: Interview with Economist Warren Mosler

Interesting- total sales rate unchanged, but domestic vehicle sales rate down again.

In other words, not currently growing:

Motor Vehicle Sales
Consumers have really shown their strength the last three months, buying vehicles at a 12-year high annualized rate of 18.2 million. That’s right, for three months in a row. The results, however, do not point to a monthly gain for the motor vehicle component of the November retail sales report — but they do point to a foundation of strength.

The composition of November’s unit sales shows a shift higher for light truck sales, no doubt the result of low gasoline prices, that offsets a shift lower for cars. Low gas prices are keeping more money in consumer pockets, reflected not only in a rising savings rate but also in exceptionally strong vehicle sales.

Down again, now forecasting only 1.4% for Q4: