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>   Warren,
>   I like adding the tax holiday.

Thanks, we were all pushing that as a better alternative than the Bush tax cut plan 5 or so years ago.

While not as constructive as, for example, an infrastructure project, and likely to drive up energy consumption, it will get immediate results, ‘cure’ the financial crisis (people will better afford their mortgage payments) and the ‘recession,’ and is far better than what they are proposing which does little or nothing.

>   Why do you want the Fed to establish 1 month, 2 month, and 3 month rates?

To eliminate interbank markets domestically at least out that far. Six months would be even better, and 30 years even better, but at some point it gets beyond political understanding, and most of the benefit comes from the very front of the curve where most of the interbank lending takes place, or tries to!


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