Postponed again?
Who would’ve thought?

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  1. People may have enough and some of them have very little to lose. Ignoring this dimension of the artificially created Euro “debt crisis” can have grave REAL consequences.

    “Hundreds of protesters chanting “Nazis Out!” clashed with police outside parliament during a general strike rally against austerity.
    Police used pepper spray against the protesters, who burned a German flag, during a brief flare-up of violence at the rally which was joined by some 25,000 people despite the heavy rainfall.
    The generally peaceful rally, organized separately by general and communist trade unions, was called against widely reported plans by the government to slash the minimum wage and impose other drastic cuts.
    Unions and employers have already rejected calls to cut the minimum wage, currently at 751euros per month, arguing that it would make the country’s four-year recession even worse.
    “This is a crime against the nation,” Vangelis Moutafis, a top strike organizer at the country’s largest union, the GSEE.
    “They are driving wage-earners into absolute poverty. They are wiping out the unemployed and retired people … They are selling off the state for nothing. This must not continue. It’s a crime and it must be stopped now.” (Athens News/gw)”

  2. Maybe they were not amused by the German suggestion that the government be replaced by a Viceroy who would assure that debt repayment took precedence over ever other consideration … oh, including any wishes of the Greek population.

  3. This is becoming an explosive situation as Neoliberal economics (irresistable force) meets European politics (unmovable object). This crisis in Europe is just beginning and it has the potential to unravel Europe. If I were one of the Eurocrats, I would moveable . be worried, very worried when the masses start assembling and chanting “Nazis.” Unless TPTB shift course, this is headed toward a bad ending.

    1. @Tom Hickey,

      You mean “irresponsible farce” meets “impossibly dense” object?

      What’s the saying? When there’s no way out, go deeper in (to deep doodoo).

      Now, where are the fans? Solutions will be unpredictably distributed, as usual.

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