There is a quick fix, a full payroll tax holiday for employees and employers.

His small business proposals show he and the rest of Congress still don’t understand that employment is a function of sales.

There is nothing in their proposals to support consumption, which is the only point of any economy.

I suspect they are afraid of the trade gap and fear domestic consumption will hurt net export growth.

Their goal is to have us be the world’s slaves via rising net exports.

This is all very good for business and the stock market, not so good for people who need to work for a living.

These are not your father’s Democrats.

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  1. Nice try, although your plan would work, it would increase the deficit and that’s verboten. The President is a piece of work, his house is on fire and he’s ordering the firefighters not to tramp mud in his kitchen or get anything wet.

    Administration officials have been huddling almost continuously during the past week, brainstorming for ideas that would boost employment without hiking the massive federal deficit — with Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner rushing to the West Wing for further consultations late Thursday.

    The meetings, which had Obama huddling with his economic advisers twice in the past seven days, have yielded no specific proposals. But he’s given the team a priority: find ways to pay for as many of the ideas, mostly tax breaks, as possible without a deficit increase, an administration official told POLITICO.

    1. This is why Obama is willing to offer up SS as a sacrificial lamb. He thinks that the wrath of the right is worse than that of the left.

      Hasn’t anyone tell him that SS is the third rail of American politics?

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