The republicans realized their blunder and it now looks like they are maybe coming around?

And, unfortunately, the deficit myths continue taking their toll as both sides agree federal spending must be ‘paid for.’

If there is any good news from Mr. Boehner and other Republicans, it is that they suddenly want to seem eager to shed their reputation as the Party of No. This week, they suggested that they might be open to some of Mr. Obama’s ideas, which include a $50 billion initial investment to create jobs improving roads, rail lines and airports — as long as those projects were not paid for by taxing billionaires, oil companies and other wealthy corporations. That, of course, is just how Mr. Obama intends to pay for them — and just how he should.

From The New York Times
EDITORIAL: Debating the Economy

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  1. do you think the Dems will have the courage to stick to their guns if large concerns start outsourcing even more jobs overseas?
    this deficit argument will deteriorate further before it can get better

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